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Ankeny Home Cleaning 

Welcome Home to a Clean Home Today!

You Deserve it! 


Welcome to Ankeny Home Cleaning!

If you've been thinking about hiring a home cleaning service for the first time, or maybe you already have a service you're not all that thrilled about...Well, there must be a reason you've landed here. 

Ankeny Home Cleaning offers professional, yet simple personalized cleaning services for your home. No contracts, no pressure, no hidden fees. Oh, and did I mention the same cleaning person every time? Yep, that's correct.

Owner, Erin Cretsinger will meet with you, discuss your cleaning needs, and come to do the top notch job you expect.

So, give her a call today or request a free, no obligation online estimate.

It's time you started coming home to a clean home -- Today.

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Get the kind of clean that only comes from Ankeny Home Cleaning!

Offering Professional Home Cleaning since 1997.

Why choose Ankeny Home Cleaning?

Always Erin, Every Time

Here's the scoop:  When you hire Ankeny Home Cleaning you are  getting personalized service from the owner who performs all the cleanings herself.  She's been providing home cleaning services for over twenty years and has been welcoming her clients home to a clean home for a long time.  Her customers appreciate that the person they initially meet for a walk-through home cleaning estimate is the person who will be coming back to do what was discussed and agreed upon.

You never have to worry about your pets with Ankeny Home Cleaning!  Erin is an animal lover and welcomes "friendly" family pets as part of her clientele too!

Secure Services

One of the main reasons many people don't hire a much needed cleaning service is because they are uncomfortable with strangers in their home. Even companies who bond and insure their employees cannot guarantee that they can be trusted.

With Ankeny Home Cleaning you will never have a stranger accessing your home. "Always Erin, every time!"

 Erin is a long time Ankeny resident and the wife of a Senior Law Enforcement Officer. She understands the need for security, trust and dependability. Ankeny Home Cleaning is someone you know you can trust!

Affordable Pricing

Lower overhead for Ankeny Home Cleaning means that you will likely pay less for a quality cleaning than if you hired a company with employees, marked company cars and an office to maintain.

Erin is insured, provides all necessary equipment and cleaning supplies for a top notch performance in your home. She has no employees to pay, and yes, she claims her income and files her taxes every single year.  Ankeny Home Cleaning charges you  for the job at hand which is cleaning your home. The amount you pay covers her work and nothing more. "Quality over Quantity" is Erin's motto.


Call or text to schedule a quick, no obligation cleaning estimate!


Welcome Home to a Clean Home Today! 

Living a life that feels alive means having a healthy, clean and happy home. Let me take care of the cleaning so you can take care of you! 

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